Pesa Car Rental

Following are some of the frequently asked questions by our customers. We have compiled answers for them so you can find what you are looking for at your convenience. Please feel free to contact us if your question is still unanswered.
What documents are needed to book a car?
To book your car, you will need your debit or credit card. Additionally, you may also need the following documents:
Can I rent a car for someone else?
Yes, you can rent a car on someone else’s behalf by ensuring all requirements are met. Just make sure to fill in their details at the time of making the booking.
What forms of payment do you accept for renting a car?
We accept debit and credit cards.
What is the minimum age to rent a car?
The minimum age to rent a car with us is 21.
How can I choose the best car?
All our cars have been carefully selected to provide you the comfort and safety while driving. However, when selecting a car, you can consider that it is spacious enough to seat everyone comfortably
If you are on tour and have luggage with you, make sure you select a car with enough cargo space. Our vehicle fleet is the best considering we engage in regular car maintenance and checks.
How much is your car rental?
The cost of our car rentals depends on a variety of factors. These include the length of time you are renting the car, the car chosen, the location, and whether you have modified or extended your reservation. You can check our car rental rates on our ‘Fleet” page.
Do you have a “Lost and Found”?
We make every item to hold items that are left behind in our cars. However, it may not be possible each time. You can inquire about a lost item by reaching out to us, and we will do our very best to assist you.
How can I get a copy of my receipt?
Receipts are available online for six months. 48 hours after you return the vehicle. To find a receipt, make sure you are spelling the name correctly, ensure the driver’s license number is accurate, and review your rental contract.
If you are still unable to access the receipt, we encourage you to contact us, and we can help you with it. However, if you are looking for a copy of a receipt that is older than 6 months, then write or call us, and we will provide you with the receipt.
Do you require a deposit to rent the vehicle?
Currently, we do not require a deposit to rent a car from us. However, this can change in the future as we revise our business practices.
How can I change or cancel my reservation?
If you already have the vehicle and wish to keep it for a longer duration, you must contact us. If you have not yet picked your vehicle, you can view, modify or cancel the reservation through our website.
If you cannot view or modify your reservation, we encourage you to contact us, and we will do it for you.
Please note that modifying your reservation date or time and the pick and drop-off locations may change your rental rate, surcharges, taxes, or underage fee. Please review the new rate before verifying your reservation.
Do you charge for canceling a reservation?
We don’t charge for canceling a reservation if you have not prepaid for it. However, if you have prepaid your vehicle, then the following conditions will apply:
In both cases, we will refund your full amount.
Can I return the rental car early?
Yes, you can return the car earlier than the committed date, and we will only charge you for the days you have the vehicle.
Do you charge for returning the car late?
Well, we give our clients a 30-minute grace period for daily rentals to return the vehicle.
If you return the vehicle later than that, additional hourly charges will apply.
What is your pet policy?
We don’t allow pets in our rental vehicles. We may allow animals used by clients with disabilities in vehicles without a carrier subject to proper documentation.
What is your car rental scratch policy?
If you have our rental car and it gets damaged, then you have to pay out of pocket for the needed repairs. Please note that the cost of repairs may or may not be covered by your personal auto insurance, so you can contact your insurance provider before renting a vehicle.
What should I do if I get into an accident in a rental vehicle?
If you have an accident in our rental vehicle, you should first and foremost call 911. Your safety is most important. You can also call the local authorities for assistance and file a police report. Then you should call Roadside Assistance to report the incident. A damage report will be filed, and the car will be towed if it is no longer drivable.